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Cannes Yachting Festival

Cannes Yachting Festival

10 - 15 septembre 2019

We are pleased to welcome you on the Seakeeper booth located PAN 119

Schedule a ride on the Seakeeper Demo Boat!

Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show

25 - 28 septembre 2019

We are pleased to welcome you on the Seakeeper booth located JL 12

Schedule a ride on the Seakeeper Demo Boat!

Nemo Marine Services

France authorized installer for the revolutionary Seakeeper gyro stabilizer system. During all these years of collaboration, a strong confidence relationship built itself between American company Seakeeper and French company Nemo Marine Services. Specific training is regularly taken by our crewmembers with Seakeeper in order to harmonize fittings on an overall strategy.

After lots of successful fittings in the biggest shipyards, Nemo Marine Services became the most important installer of Seakeeper gyro stabilizer in Europe.

Nemo Marine Services is an official retailer for the American Seakeeper gyro stabilizer system in France. Thereby, Nemo Marine Services becomes your privileged partner for fitting, commissioning and servicing your new Seakeeper system.

Anti-Roulis de Bateau
Seakeeper France

Seakeeper France installer

Seakeeper gyro stabilizer is the most efficient zero speed anti-roll system ever made. As much in anchorage than at sea, Seakeeper gyro stabilizers delivers high comfort and increased security, as every boat owner all over the world is looking for.

Ship and anchor with comfort. Fish more often and more effectively. Improve global output and profits of your commercial maritime company. Choose Seakeeper gyro stabilizers and appraise the future of shipping.

A proven performance

For leisure or for professional use, do not compromise on stability. You can get the best results in luxury and comfort on private yachts, as well as the best output and profitability on commercial and military ships.

Seakeeper significantly reduces seasickness and fatigue, while improving safety aboard, without ANY external fins that might cause slow-down or damages.

We have delivered hundreds of units to most of the luxury yachts, trawlers and sport fishing boat makers in the entire world, and we are now also working with the commercial and military vessel market.

The main boat builders, naval architects, commercial marine and military marine officers acknowledge the efficiency of Seakeeper gyro stabilizers, for achieving an impressive 60-70% roll reduction, and even more!

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Seakeeper gyro stabilizers are the most efficient zero speed anti-roll system ever made.